Friday, May 24, 2013

Its been awhile...

So much has been going on and I wish I'd kept up with it better on her because it's just too much to even try to catch up with. One thing on the horizon is my gardening. I've been trying to learn as much as I can, and have expanded my raised bed and am branching out to grow things in my front yard as well. I have blueberries, raspberry, and grapes going up front. This year we will be doing a large garden at my grandmas like the last several years. We have concentrated our efforts on fixing the soil in years past, from the years and years of fertilizer use my grandparents used before me :) it is coming along nicely, with the help of a technique called Back to Eden. We have earth worms in the soil which seems like a no brainer that they'd be there but no in infertile soil they aren't. But they are now :) I can wait to get everything on and hope for the best. I'm already having issues with bugs. Mild winters will do that! If all works out I will be growing over half our food and trying to put some back in storage. Hopefully... keeping my fingers crossed. LOVE, LAUGH, LIVE SIMPLY...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

starting off semi right ;)

this is my lunch. It consists of lest over pinto beans from last night's dinner a potato I pre- baked, a pepper minion frozen mix, some jalapeno slices from this summer's garden that I froze, and a little organic frozen corn. First I got the potatoes a little crispy in just a smidge of oil in my cast iron pan next I added the onion n peppers then the corn and last the beans till they were all heated thru. I kept most everything desperate in the pan till at the very end I combined it. I usually make this with black beans and add some salsa on top. The possibilities could be endless really. For breakfast I had a smoothie with strawberries, banana, Apple and some hemp protein powder n Stevie to sweeten it. I was having a coughing fit so I sucked on a candy cane n drank a lot of water. So fat so good. Yesterday was a pretty good day till after dinner when I had a piece of my mom's Birthday cake I made her. Oh well, baby steps right? :) I believe dinner is going to be either Vegetable soup and sourdough bread or spaghetti and Tomato sauce with some veggies because I don't have lettuce for salad right now. I really need to get to the grocery store... I believe my snack today will be some granny Smith Apple slices with peanut or almond butter. Have a good day. LIVE LOVE LAUGH... simply

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GOALS not resolutions!

Two years ago today I set a goal to not eat meat anymore. I did it! There were times when I thought it just wasn't going to work. I even treated myself to chicken dinner when I had made it 30 days. It was terrible and I never looked back. My goal since I've now mastered being a fat vegetarian who doesn't drink pop anymore is to completely master being plant based and kick my sugar habit for good and get healthy on a whole new bigger level. My 2 daughters are joining me and hopefully together we can kick this GOALS butt!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Square Foot Gardening

I'm. Really hoping to get a bunch of new beds pit in this year along with a cold frame and hopefully some chickens. I've been putting off major gardening expansions because we had hoped to move to a place with more yard but alas that goal is just not to be for now :/ these are of course not my actual beds I got the pictures from square foot gardenings facenook page I think? Not sure but I'm hoping mine look similiar Update from my last post I've lost 14 pounds to date. So things are moving right along in that department :) I have had some cheese a few times this month eating piazza and it takes me a few days to get back on track afterwards. I must be sensitive or something because I do blow op the next day and my nose gets all ginky :/ so I try my best to stay away bit sometimes living with omnivores. It gets the best of me. I am very proud to report I have finally beaten the evil monsters of sugar n caffeine addiction. Now if I have dip of tea or coke zero its just that and not something I need. I can go for weeks without having anything and am drinking so much water these days! I haven't been able to master the habit of exercising everyday yet because of my soreness a lot of evenings but. That is going away too and so I hope to be up to a marathon by next year ;0) haha. We shall see! But for now Live Love And Laugh!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

gosh its been so long...

Ive not been here in quite awhile :/ ive come so far in my journey to getting healthier but alas I don't have much weight loss to report. Its been really hard trying to figure out the combination that's going to work for me. I think ive finally got it though! I lost 10 pounds in about 2 weeks! Thanks to doing ALOT of research into plant based eating recommended by Rip Esselstyne Dr Caldwell Esselstyne, Jeff Novick, and Dr Mcdougall. Ive mainly cut out almost all fats almost!, and no more cheese or dairy of any kind. I feel much better and my arthritis feels better. I have better range of motion in my knees now. Its been a long road to get to this point and I keep back sliding. But I'm determined this time if I have say some icecream I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I'm just moving on and the next meal make it good. Knee of my daughters and my husband are doing a version. Of the military diet and having quite good success. Since that diet isn't plant based. And they do not want to give up meat anytime soon I make plant based meals for the most part for us all on the 4 days they are off the diet. For example we have spaghetti with no meat in the sauce or piazza no cheese for me of course. Tacks but I cant get them to eat the beans yet. I'm slowly working on everyone :) like ive said many times its a journey and of course we wont get there in a day. Disclaimer we went to a local ribfest this weekend big mistake as a vegetarian it was gross but I did have a strawberry shortcake I shared it with my husband but I still ate some of the icecream in it :/ so I fasted the rest of the day and am trying to get back on track today :) I'm not going to weigh myself today because I don't want to get upset if I gained any weight back I will check later in the week when things have leveled back out. I tend to wallow in my misery if I mess up and I don't want to trigger that kind of reaction. Ive been gardening a lot more lately. Ive got lots of peas n lettuce coming in and I'm still getting tomatoes n cucumber and peppers out of my garden :) I love to garden and I hope to have my own land one day to do lots of that! Well goodbye for now. Live simply laugh often and love generously...

Friday, January 27, 2012

hello its me again :)

Wow its been a couple weeks since I was last on but that's certainly better than the few months it had been. Things are a bit crazy around here. For example we have an extra tenant now. My mom has come to live with a us for awhile because of a terrible family tradgedy. We don't know just yet how permanent her visit will be but we are trying to make the best of the situation. As I'm sure anyone who's gone through a similar situation knows it is not without its challenges! I will leave it at that!!
Somehow id like to transform this blog to an on-line journal of sorts. Which probably is what I should have been doing to begin with. I'm beginning an on line class from beauty that moves about whole goods. I'm very interested in living a greener life and have been for quite sometime so I know my post will have a decidely Eco friendly substance to them. I'm learning to go with the flow a little more and live my dreams. I hope in this journey ill bring a few along with me but if its just me that's ok too. I'm still a vegetarian but I don't like labels so I refer to this as just part of my journey.
One day soon I'm hoping to find that perfect house in the country. Sadly this search is taking a little longer than we expected and we are afraid we may have to open our search up a little farther out than we had originally wanted. Which poses the question can we still work, and send our kids to school in town while living out of town and be Eco friendly too? We will see. I read somewhere that a vegetarian driving a Hummer still wouldn't have the environmental impact. That a meat eater driving a Prius would! Interesting if its true! ;0)

Love, Laugh, and live simply...

Monday, January 9, 2012


Its been a year now and although I'm not completely where I want to be as far as going completely began I'm still going strong as a vegetarian. Yeah me! I didn't think id make it this far and believe me I still have days where I want to say forget it! I keep on keeping on though.
Christmas this year was very surreal. We had a huge family crisis and well now my mom lives with me. Which is an adjustment to say the least. But my sweet husband got me a kindle fire for Christmas, which is what I'm posting on right now so maybe I can keep up with posting now! I'm seriously considering doing the whole foods kitchen workshop over st beautythatmoves blot. Go check it out! I'm getting pretty excited I just hope with everything young on I can to it!
Well tats for now, hope to br posting soon!

Love, laugh, live simply......